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Repositori STT Amanat Agung adalah wadah koleksi, preservasi, dan distribusi materi-materi digital, khususnya skripsi dan tesis mahasiswa, juga disertasi, buku dan artikel karya dosen.

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  • Yeremia Yordani Putra; Yohanes K. Susanta (AOSIS Publishing, 2024-02-24)
    This article attempts to discuss Karl Barth’s Trinitarian theology with two Christian theologians of religions, John Hick and Raimundo Panikkar. To acknowledge the presence of other religions, Hick conceived of The Real, ...
  • Armand Barus (AOSIS Publishing, 2023-11-20)
    Prayer, the central spirituality in the theological and ethical life of Christ’s disciples, has not yet received significant attention from Johannine scholars. Although some scholars emphasised and discussed prayer in the ...
  • Ivan Christian; Desideria L. D. Suwu Leksmono (INFOBASE CREATION SDN BHD, 2018)
    In the era of modernization and post-industrial society, the study of ageism focuses more on discrimination against the elderly because it assumes today’s society prefers young people than the old people. Ironically, in ...
  • Jonly Joihin (STT Amanat Agung, 2020-01)
    Penafsir umumnya menemukan kesulitan dalam mengenali struktur Mazmur 63. Salah satu petunjuk untuk mengenali struktur dan mengerti makna Mazmur 63 adalah pada istilah “tanah kering.” Konteks makna “tanah kering” sejajar ...
  • Jonly Joihin (STT Amanat Agung, 2016-05)

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